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Why Prebid Analytics
Prebid Analytics by Roxot provides clean client-side data about all Prebid auctions running on the website and all demand partners participating. It allows you to monitor daily, hourly and real-time changes in the header bidding performance, uncover issues with Prebid.js setup, and gain insights into increasing a website's revenue.
Advanced Features
Prebid Analytics by Roxot is the first analytics tool for publishers. It provides features and metrics not available in any other web analytics tool.
No Limits
Prebid Analytics by Roxot fits publishers of any size. There are no traffic or event limits so every Prebid.js ad auction counts.
Data Protection
Our Terms of Service officially state that we will not use your data without your permission in any way besides providing you the service you ask for.
Centralized analytics platform
Prebid Analytics by Roxot is a centralized analytics platform for all of your prebid.js demand partners. You don't have to waste time on merging stats from different bidders. The tool provides you with unified statistics that are easy to compare and understand.
In-depth bidder performance analysis
You will be able to quickly understand the real situation behind each bidder's performance with such metrics as Win Rate, avg. Bid Price, Response Rate, and more. For instance, the tool will provide you with the insights on who has the highest CPMs but rarely responds in time, so you can adjust your setup and increase revenue.
Manage data discrepancy
Prebid Analytics by Roxot collects data directly from prebid.js on the client's side, so you can use it to manage discrepancies between ad server and demand partner reports. Slice and dice the data to understand where the discrepancy comes from and use it as a reference when communicating with your demand partners.
Latency optimization
Prebid Analytics by Roxot allows you to monitor how often a bidder doesn't respond to ad requests, how often her bids are late, and how long it takes her to respond. With this information you'll be able to make data-driven decisions on what partners to unplug and how to improve the user experience on your website.
Real-time QA with real users
With Prebid Analytics real-time data, you can test new bidders, config updates, new placements, and more without waiting days for the data to appear. Moreover, you will test on real users in contrast to dev tools consoles where you can only test on yourself. This provides more realistic data as your visitors' environment might differ from yours.
Monitor activity as it happens
With Real-Time, you can immediately and continuously monitor the effects that your setup changes have on your revenue. Here are some of the ways you might use Real-Time Dashboard:
  • monitor and understand immediate effects on ad requests, impressions, and revenue from a change in your setup
  • QA: verify that your site is sending ad requests and generating impressions
  • watch your revenue growing in real time while sipping a cold beer
Advanced reporting & customization
Use our DFP-like Custom Report interface to deeply analyze your header bidding setup based on sites, bidders, ad units, ad sizes, geo, device and all possible combinations of aforementioned segments.
Top Header Bidding Partners Performance Report
AppNexus, Rubicon, & Index Exchange are the top revenue-generating demand partners
The research is intended to be the reference for publishers so they can adjust their business strategy based on the real industry data, trends, and adoption patterns.
Getting started
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