Reinventing the way publishers use their ad revenue data & analytics

Your shortest path from Data to Insights to Action

Roxot Prebid Analytics takes tedious reporting & analytics tasks off your team’s plate so you have more time to work on direct improvements of your ad stack.

Save hours a day on aggregating data from SSPs
Roxot Prebid Analytics is a centralized analytics platform for all of your prebid. js demand partners. You don’t have to waste time on merging stats from SSPs. The tool provides you with unified statistics that are easy to compare and understand.
Use automatic suggestions for increasing revenue
Roxot Prebid Analytics Opportunities feature utilizes Roxot Machine Learning engine to conduct highly granular analysis which is beyond human’s reach. This allows Roxot Opportunities to uncover non-trivial ways to make your Prebid the most efficient wrapper on the market.
Find optimal mix of SSPs for your traffic
Market Watch feature allows publishers to analyze how major demand partners perform on different programmatic markets around the world. So you can easily find the most optimal mix of SSPs specifically for your traffic.
Measure SSPs incremental value
Roxot Prebid Analytics collects all bids submitted by your SSPs. This way the system evaluates how much revenue an SSP generates on top of other bidders offer in your header bidding auctions. So you know unique revenue from every demand partner.
Make sure there're no lurking catastrophes
Roxot Prebid Analytics features Alerts - notifications sent to you when the most crucial metrics' thresholds are triggered. The system constantly monitors fluctuations in Revenue, Impressions, and Page Load Time to identify symptoms of a revenue loss.
Roxot Prebid Analytics for smart publishers
Single UI for all of your Header Bidding partners
You don't have to waste time on merging stats from different bidders. The tool provides you with unified statistics that are easy to compare and understand.
Close to real-time data
Test new bidders, website updates, placements, and more without waiting days for the data to appear.
Unique metrics for better performance
Don't miss optimization opportunities with metrics not available in either your SSP dashboard or your ad server.
Combine session-level & monetization data
Get access to in-depth information about how much ad revenue every user generates you and how ads affect their behavior.
Compare your performance with the market
Real market data will help you find flaws in your setup and understand where your demand partners are underperforming.

Automatic notifications
Get notified as soon as something suddenly breaks and fix your setup immediately.
Automatic recommendations on Prebid optimizations
The system constantly analyzes your Prebid data and suggests how you can earn more header bidding revenue.
Track top-performing UTM tags
Go beyond AdOps and get full visibility into what traffic sources generate you the most revenue.

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