How to customize your reporting in Roxot Prebid Analytics
From monetization strategy and ad stack structure to the number of sites and demand sources in the header, every publisher is different. With so many variables, it's hard to find a pre-build tech solution that satisfies all of your business goals. Prebid Analytics by Roxot automatically collects all events happening in your prebid.js and allows you to customize you reporting and analyze what matters to you. Besides four types of dashboards with pre-built widgets: Total Dashboard, Real-time Dashboard, Site Dashboard, and Bidder Dashboard, you have access to Statistics - a DFP-like custom reporting interface that allows you to use all prebid.js data according to your specific needs.
The Statistics interface consists of 3 main blocks: Filters, Groupings, and Metrics. When building a new report, start with defining filters. You can choose a custom time period and a time zone which allows you to minimize reporting discrepancy when comparing data from different sources.
Then choose sites, bidders, ad units, and more to analyze a specific slice of data. For instance, you can build a report only for one of your sites to evaluate its performance.
After you set your filters, choose data grouping ("dimensions" in DFP) which defines how your data will be segmented. Think of Grouping as of your report columns.
The final step is to choose Metrics you want to report on. All metrics for both sites and bidders are available for reporting.
After you defined Filters, Grouping, and Metrics you can run your report, export the data to .csv, or save a present to have quick access to the report in the future. The preset feature is particularly useful for regular reports (daily/weekly/monthly) that you use often. By saving a report, you will save time on building it from scratch in the future.
Prebid Analytics Statistics is often used for:
  • Reports with custom time period and/or time zone that is not available in pre-built dashboards (e.g. monthly bidders snapshot report)
  • Reports with advanced filters and segmentation (e.g. bidders performance by device on ATF ad unit report)
  • Reports with data distributed in time (e.g. hourly bidders performance)
  • Exporting data to combine it with data from other sources, analyze it in Excel, or prepare presentations.
When building a report in Statistics, please mind that:
  • Filtering by bidder is only available when grouping by bidder
  • Filtering by ad size is only available when grouping by ad size
  • Bidder Requests, Bid Rate, avg. Bid Price, Win Rate, avg. Win Rate, Timeout Rate, and avg. Response Time apply only for bidders. Group your data by bidder to use these metrics.
  • Only Impressions, Revenue, and eCPM are available when grouping by ad size
Ability to customize reports and tailor prebid.js data to your business needs is a unique Prebid Analytics feature that couldn't be found in any other header bidding analytics tool. With already familiar interface, you will quickly access insights that you need to make decisions that affect your bottom line.
Getting started
Request a demo and one of our Publisher Relationship Managers will give you access to Prebid Analytics and walk you through the product.
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