How to track header bidding revenue by traffic source with Roxot Prebid Analytics
Attributing revenue to traffic sources using UTM tags is an essential analytics practice that allows you to calculate ROI of traffic sources in your mix. Besides evaluating the performance of paid traffic sources, you can use this method to understand how much money different channels such as Facebook, Quora, or Taboola and /or different content types generate for your business. Segmenting your revenue by UTM tags will help you make important decisions on what paid sources to use, what content to write, and where to post it.
Unfortunately, analyzing revenue by UTM tags is a nontrivial task for most of the publishers as DFP and/or Google Analytics don't offer a straightforward way to accomplish that. Roxot Prebid Analytics provides you with reporting by UTM tags without any additional development work or config updates. Just build a prebid.js v.0.27.1 or later with Roxot Prebid Analytics adapter and implement it on your site.
After the implementation, UTM data will automatically appear in the system. To access it go to the Site Dashboard and scroll down to the UTM Performance widget. On the left side, you will see a table with Revenue, eCPM, and Impressions for up to 100 of your combinations of UTM Source/Medium variables. Quickly analyze how much traffic a source generates, how demand partners estimate its quality, and how much money it makes you. On the right side, there is a visual representation of the top 5 traffic sources by revenue. Analyzing data Today or Yesterday, you'll be able to quickly understand if a new source generates you the traffic you are ready to invest in.
Currently, only Source & Medium are available in Prebid Analytics. However, you will be able to report on Source, Medium, Campaign, Term, and Content and all possible combinations of aforementioned variables soon.
Getting started
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