Learn how much an ad click is worth to you
Let's say you are running a media buying campaign to distribute your content, grow your audience, and ultimately make more money on the acquired traffic. How do you know what max CPC you should set to at least break even? With a variety of acquisition methods, traffic sources, and media costs, it's hard to correctly allocate your budget and make sure your campaigns are profitable.
With the Prebid Analytics' brand-new SESSION REVENUE and IMPRESSIONS PER SESSION metrics, you got access to accurate data about how much each visitor or click is worth to you. Just log in to Roxot Prebid Analytics and go to your Site Dashboard to learn how much revenue a thousand sessions generates you. The SESSION REVENUE metric shows revenue per thousand sessions for easier analysis and comparison. However, when you're trying to figure out the worth of a click, divide it by 1000 to get the value of a visitor. For instance, your SESSION REVENUE is $91.45, which means that you made $91.45 from thousand visitors. Dividing $91.45 by 1000 gives you $0.91 - the amount of money one visitor generates you. You can safely use this number as a maximum CPC for your media buying campaign. If a click is more expensive than your revenue per visitor, you will lose money.
Prebid Analytics' data allows you not only to choose the right sources for your acquisition campaigns but also to evaluate their performance and calculate ROI. Tag all your sources with UTMs and analyze their performance using the Prebid Analytics' UTM Performance widget and SESSION REVENUE metric which you will find on the Site Dashboard. The data will show you how demand partners estimate traffic quality (eCPM), how much money each source makes (Revenue), and how much a click is actually worth to you (Session Revenue). Armed with data about campaign costs and data from Prebid Analytics you will be able to make data-driven optimizations and stop losing revenue on ineffective campaigns.
Roxot Prebid Analytics is a powerful analytics tool that provides you with necessary insights to accurately evaluate the performance of every piece of your business puzzle. The UTM Performance widget in combination with the brand-new SESSION REVENUE metric makes your media buying strategy transparent and improves your bottom line - you will never again lose money on low-performing traffic.
Getting started
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